Why Dooars?

The mystical land of Dooars consists of hill slopes, unending tea gardens, mountain valleys separated by white glittering streams and dense forest with ethnic villages and warm happy people is what sums up the whole idea of Dooars. The Dooars stands behind the backdrop of the great Himalayan ranges in its horizon. The beauty of Dooars and its wilderness makes it a boiling tourist destination. The tropical forest of Dooars is rich in wildlife too and is home to many Wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks. It is also known as the gateway to Bhutan as the entry to Bhutan is welcomed by the beautiful greenery of the Dooars.


STATE : West Bengal
AREA : 880 km2 (340 sq mi).
STRETCH : Teesta River in West Bengal to the Dhanshiri River in Assam.
ALTITUDE VARIATIONS : 90m to 1,750 m.
ROUTE : NH31 is the main highway to reach Dooars


Summer : March – June
Anual Temperatures : 21°C to 31°C
Monsoon : June-September
Average Annual rainfall : 350 cms
Winter : October – February
Average Temperatures : 5°C to 23°C

What to do

Buxa Tiger Reserve
Visit Buxa Tiger Reserve

This place is well known for Royal Bengal Tiger. The visitors can get enticing experience through its immense varieties of flora and fauna.

gorumara national park
Visit Gorumara National Park

It is one of the most sought after forest for the wildlife lovers. Vast stretched of the forest is a dense area where you can find large number of wildlife and birds.

Chapramari Wildlife Park
Chapramari Wildlife Park

It’s a very adventures place for wildlife lovers. The park offers Jeep safari to view the endangered animals in the dense forest.

Visit Murti

It offers picturesque view for the travelers who are nature lovers. The sparkling white river makes the place more appealing with greenery on its banks.

Visit Jaldapara

Jaldapara Wildlife Sactuary is well known for its One Horned Rhino. The park provides jeep safari and elephant safari in Jaldapara which attracts large number of tourists.

mahananda wildlife sanctuary
Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary offers amazing view of migratory birds along with elephants. It is very unique spot for wildlife lovers and bird lovers as well.

Fun fact

It's Roots

The Dooars belonged to the Kingdom of Kamata under the Koch dynasty and Bhutan took possession of the Dooars later by taking advantage of the weakness of the Koch kingdom in subsequent times.

Addition to Indian Union

After the end of the British rule in India in 1947, the Dooars accepted its addition into the dominion of India and it merged with the Union of India in the year 1949. So, Dooars was still not the part of India when they finally got their Independence.

Variety of Altitudes

The altitude of the Dooars area ranges from 90m to 1,750 m. There are a variety of hills that constitute the entire Dooars valley. There are also innumerable streams and rivers that flow through Dooars some of which are originated from the mountains of Bhutan.

Major cultural concentration in Dooars

The Dooars are composed of numerous tribes and various cultures. Among them, Bodo, Rabha, Mech, Toto, Koch Rajbongshi, Tamang, Limbu, and Lepcha are some of the most concentrated tribes residing there

Gateway to Dooars

Siliguri happens to be the largest city in the whole region stretching from the Darjeeling to the Arunachal Pradesh foothills. It is also the gateway to Dooars as the tourist from other states has to reach Siliguri first before heading to Dooars.

Doorway to Bhutan

The Dooars is the main ground for export-import industry and cross trade of Bhutan. The towns of Jaigaon, Siliguri, and Phuentsholing are important hubs of the export-import industry which makes Dooars the doorway to Bhutan.

Where to go?

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

The main habitats here are the rare one-horned rhinoceros, leopard, the mighty bison, hog deer spotted deer, sambar, a variety of reptiles, huge wild tuskers, wild boars and some of the rarest variety of animals and a variety of birds.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve was set up in the year of 1983 inside the Buxa National Park. The Buxa Tiger Reserve is a 760 sq km spread tiger reserve in the Buxa Hills of Dooars. The reserve also boasts of having Tigers along with civet, Indian bison, elephants, Boar and few Red Jungle Fowl.

Chapramari Wildlife Reserve

Chapramari Wildlife Reserve is connected by the NH31 which connects the north-east with the rest of India. The Wildlife Reserve has total forest coverage of around 960 hectares. It is quite famous for its elephant's population and is also a popular destination for a wildlife safari.

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary located around 13kms from Siliguri was declared as a sanctuary in the year 1959 to preserve the highly endangered species like the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Indian Bison. It is a peaceful delight away from the city hassle.

Rasik Bill Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a great place to view the winged beauties. The water body here is filled with bright, colourful fluttering birds which makes this sanctuary the perfect place for bird watching along with boating on the lake. The sanctuary has different varieties of storks, ibis, spoonbill, kingfisher, parrots and many more.

Chilapata Forest

The Forest is dense and falls near Jaldapara in Dooars. A drive through the forests is an interesting experience can help you sight elephants which are almost regular. The River Torsha runs through the sanctuary and is known for one-horned Rhinos, Royal Bengal Tigers, wild Elephants, Deer, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer and few other rare species of birds and animals.


This is a beautiful spot amidst the beautiful Jayanti River and the green hills. It forms a natural border with the Bhutan hills, and the music of the pristine flowing River, the chirping of birds, the fragrance of nature and refreshingly breeze here helps rejuvenate your soul.


It is one of the last hamlets of the West Bengal region. It is a valley encircled with beautiful hills of Bhutan and India along the banks of the river Jaldhaka. Its beauty is a treat to the eyes and a refreshing experience for the mind and soul.