Why darjeeling?

It is a popular tourist destination which is blessed with beautiful locations and green hills all around. Apart from that, it’s branding is also due to its untouched beauty, scenic tea gardens, green mountains, mesmerizing sunrise and the warm people of Darjeeling. Darjeeling is perched at an altitude of about 6720 ft above sea level. It spreads over the steep mountain ridges and the tea plantations, whose smell gets into your brain and refreshes your soul. Try visiting it once and the hills become irresistible.


STATE : West Bengal
SETTLEMENT : Around 1835
AREA : 10.57 km2 (4.08 sq mi)
POPULATION : 1,846,823 (2011 CENSUS)


Summer : May-June
Mild & temperate Temperatures : 8.59ºC-14.89ºC
Monsoon : June-September
Extremely heavy rainfalls, mist and fog Annual rainfall : 320 cms
Winter : December-February
Freezing cold mists and fog Temperatures : 1.5ºC -6.11ºC

What to do


Trekking to Sandakphu and Phalut is a popular trekking adventure which ensures magical views of surrounding mountains, along the most beautiful trails

Toy train Joyride

It is one of the major tourist activities and is an apt way to capture the marvelous beauty of hills and the world’s famous hill station of Darjeeling


Ropeway is the prime attraction for tourists, giving its passengers an array of divine panoramic views as they travel across enticing valley

Sit on Darjeeling Chowrasta

It is the hub of all social activities in Darjeeling where people can relax, sit on the benches there and have a cup of coffee.

Water Rafting

It is one of the most popular adventures activity and also challenging in the white and clear waters of River Teesta and Rangeet amidst Tourists.

Try Mountaineering

Home to Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, you can always try some mountaineering lessons on their artificial rocks and some experts who maintain your safety.

Fun fact

The Land of Thunderbolt

The name ‘Darjeeling’ has actually originated from two Tibetan words: “Dorje” and “ling”. Dorje means ‘thunderbolt’. The word “ling” actually means an area or a place. This is also how the title ‘The Land of Thunderbolt’ came into existence.

The Toy Train

The heritage Darjeeling railway is fondly known as “Toy Train” and runs on a small two-foot narrow gauge track. The speed of the toy train is relatively slow and its occasional hisses are iconic. The train follows unique paths and scenic routes. The ride is considered as “the most exotic hill passenger railway” in the world by UNESCO.

The Best Sunrise view

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling presents the best sunrise view which is officially a must visit. The sun’s rays glowing the top of Kanchenjunga and the change of colors as the sun rises higher is a view that could make your day eternally beautiful. A cold morning is well suited to a cup of hot Darjeeling Tea along with the sunrise.

Colonial Influence

Darjeeling gives you the authentic feel of the colonial rule. The town is filled with beautiful colonial designed churches, old bungalows and schools which are still used as of today. The amazing architectures give Darjeeling a colonial feeling whose best examples are the Head post office and the Planters club which must be visited.

The Everest Museum

Everest Museum is a unique and heritage site which showcases mementoes and photos collections of some climbers who have tried scaling the Mount Everest. You can see displays of some of the earliest mountain gears used by people while scaling the highest peak. These interesting displays here will definitely excite you and it is definitely a place to visit for travelers thinking about scaling the Everest.

Where to go?

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

This is the only specialized Zoo in the county was established on 14 August, 1958. India’s former Prime Minister late Smt. Indira Gandhi dedicated this zoo in memory of Padmaja Naidu.

Peace Pagoda, Darjeeling

The Japanese Peace Pagoda was built under the supervision of Buddhist Monk, Nachidatsu Fujji, founder of Nipponzan Myohoji. It was designed by Dr M Ohka of Japan. It was inaugurated in the year of1992 after the death of Fujji.

Tiger Hill, Darjeeling

Tiger Hills is the highest point in Ghoom which is the highest railway station in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has earned worldwide fame for a stunning view of the sunrise over the Kanchenjunga and the great eastern Himalayas.

Dali Monastery

Dali Monastery is also recognized as Druk Sangag Choling Monastery. It was built in 1971. It has earned famed as one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries with white buildings which are built in typical style.

Ava Art Gallery

Ava Art Gallery was established in 1965 by Late Ava Devi who was known as a genius of embroidery art. It is the only art gallery in Darjeeling consists of a permanent collection of sixty pieces of exquisite artwork of Ava Devi including water, oil and thread painting.

Himalayan Tibet Museum

It was set up by the Manjushree Centre of Tibetan Culture at Gandhi road in Darjeeling. It is blessed by his holiness of the Dalai Lama who has also donated valued art crafts to this museum on July 2. The motive of this museum is to promote and exhibit the richness of culture.

Shrubbery Nightingale Park

In the year of 1976, the Government of West Bengal took interest in the plot and then this space has turned into a beautiful park. During the 50s and 60s, this beautiful park is one the best venue for film-makers of Bombay.

Tenzing Rock

The gigantic Tenzing Rock is named after the mountaineer Tenzing Norgay who has created history by climbed the Mount Everest in 1953. It is used to practice climbing on this rock. Former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru demonstrated a climb on this rock without any safety equipment.