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Our focus and aim to provide a better experience

Buy a ticket to anywhere is a concept which is hugely imaginary as heading off for a holiday without any measures is hugely impossible but you can always plan and buy a ticket to somewhere. Travel is the essence of life that gives you the inspiration and makes your life a celebration. We are Prasad Travels are the medium of our celebration and have been a part of many family holidays, solo expedition and couple tours to some of the best exotic destinations, that we deal in.

Why us? You might think of solid reasons to wonder why to choose us and yes we do have reasons. Firstly we do not focus on the same popular aspect of any destination but plan on showing you the offbeat and the unseen aspects of the place. Secondly, we also have experts to guide you on the kind of package that might suit your limited time as well as allocated budget. We don't just tailor the most popular sightseeing and destinations; we aim at doing everything differently.

Come be part of the travel community of Prasad Travels and live the must awaited life that you might later be seen on the profiles of some others profile. Explore and add some spice to the same monotonous life as traveling is much more adventurous than just reading about them. All it takes to travel is you, pack your bags and head off to return composed and refreshed.

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